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Gather, eat, laugh and bond.  The multi tasker of the house, the Dining Table, is arguably one of the most important pieces of furniture you will buy for your home. If you’re like our family, the Dining Table is essentially the glue of the family. Alright… I may have taken that a bit to the extreme, but it really does play a crucial role in maintaining order and structure in the household.  For us – not only is our table a big design element and focal point, it’s our meeting, greeting and bonding place. A place to eat meals, chat about the day, relax, unwind and re-connect with no screens! It’s a place for my shopping to rest before I have to think about where to store it. A place for our friends to come over and have a tea or create memories over too much wine, a place for me to get creative with ornaments and flowers. A place to read with my son, help him learn, and quietly marvel at how much he’s growing.

With so many options on the market, buying a new Dining Table should be a well thought out and educated decision. We’ve put together some important tips to consider when looking for your new table.


Durability and Quality

Essentially this table is going to be a part of your life for 5+ years… that’s a big commitment. It’s a sustainable purchase, so don’t compromise. Our high quality premium tables use stain and heat resistant surfaces such as solid natural Oak, Corian, and Cement, that will naturally age. We consider elegance, strength, and durability when buying these pieces and make sure they are teamed with visually stunning details.  Something to always keep in mind – steer clear of Veneer. The price might be attractive but over time the veneer will lift, split , even wear thin and your table will have obvious seems. Leaving it looking tatty and worn.



As mentioned Dining Tables are a huge design element and focal point in any room, shape and size must be considered before making your purchase. There are some general design rules to follow when it comes to the shape of your table. Round  or oval tables look great in smaller rooms as they ensure the space doesn’t look and feel overcrowded. For narrow spaces, square tables work best, they don’t take up much room and they open the area. Circular tables will accommodate a lot of people but can limit the way traffic can flow in an area so they will need some extra consideration and definite measuring before purchase.  Long rectangular tables look spectacular in a room. This shaped table works best in a larger space as it will fill up a room and can really make a stunning visual impact.


The size of a Dining Table is really dependent on your lifestyle. Do you like to entertain? Will your table suit your entertaining needs yet still feel right within your space?  If you do have limited space but need a table that can entertain bigger parties, a good solution is to look for an extendable table which can fold and expand as needed. We offer a range of cleverly designed and amazingly disguised, extendable table options, making our Dining Tables incredibly versatile and suitable for many Hong Kong homes. 

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Come Prepared

As with anything, preparation is key. Come prepared, pre-measure your space, decide on what style and shape you think is going to work best. You could even bring in photos of what your space looks like or inspiration pictures of what you want it to look like. We live style and love talking it. Our staff do this every day and they know how important picking a table can be. We look at our stunning tables all the time and we know what makes them so special, down to the meticulously carved French fluted leg details or the oak hardwood material that provides an inviting farmhouse feel.

Remember these basic Style Tips:

  1. You should be able to walk around the table after the chairs have been put into place so as a general rule try to keep at least a meter (40”) space between the edges of the table and the walls all around.
  2. Get the height of the table (usually 76-80cm). You want your table to be comfortable and allow enough room so that your knee and elbow are at the same level when you’re sitting.
  3. Your Dining Table is a design element, dress it up as it deserves and don’t hold back. Our blue and white ginger jars look amazing as center pieces. Mix different sizes and heights to create a visually interesting masterpiece on your stunning table.  Add some of our silk flowers to add another element.
  4. Team your table with equally as impressive chairs, compromising on chairs can cheapen the overall look of your table.
  5. Treat yourself and elevate your overall look by setting your table like you’re at an exclusive, luxe restaurant … it makes dinner times that little bit more special … and I swear good crockery makes the food taste better!

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