Hop To It!  It’s Easter 

It is hard not to love this time of year, filled with bunny excitement, egg hunts and sugar highs… It’s guilt free chocolate indulgence and it’s fabulous. On the other end of the spectrum it is a time of reflection, gratitude and peace. Then somewhere in between is the pleasure of bringing the spirit of easter into your home and onto your table. If you are a bit like me and feel the need to strike the right balance between enjoying the festivities (especially with the little ones) and not losing sight of what its all about… I have a few thoughts on how to approach it, starting right at home.

Less is More 

As our high streets become dominated by less than attractive commercial paraphernalia, there is an increasing desire to shift away from these soulless objects and gravitate to the more organic, creative, simple materials that reflect one’s personality.   There is an abundance of beautiful Easter inspired spaces and decorating ideas that focus on this notion of simplicity and creativity.  

The attention to detail is what counts, and there is no denying this takes more time and effort.  It does not mean you have go and get all mumsy and crafty, but moreso making conscious decisions before you buy or considering alternatives like feathers, floral, painted eggs.  Perhaps think whether it is just another item that will soon line the rubbish bin and would you buy it again, or like a true ‘bowerbird’ consider if it is something you will get excited about bringing out next Easter…  The ‘bowerbird’ is a fine example of accessorising a nest with careful curation, which will result it greater long term satisfaction.

Far from the Grinch of Easter! 

If the notion of less is more is adopted in your abode, it will inevitably follow through to how your children perceive Easter and the values that you hope they aspire to. The last thing you want to be is the Grinch of Easter! Of course you want to see their eyes turn into easter eggs with excitement, but we all know how quickly it can escalate out of control. My hope is for my children to be thankful and grateful for an Easter treat no matter the size or quantity. But is this really possible?

Let’s not get dramatic, it doesn’t mean cancel all egg hunts, nor does it mean replacing all the chocolate for fruit.. but what it could mean is placing the focus on one special egg and rather many not-so-special eggs… Quality not Quantity. For those hunters big and small, a fun idea is adding or substituting the big chocolate egg hunt for a treasure hunt filled with more personalised items… it may be some matchbox cars or some cute hair clips, whatever you fancy, it creates the same excitement without the sugar high and the extra effort will be rewarding for all.

All of the above requires a bit more time and thought, which is easier said than done, but I have no doubt it will achieve a far great degree of satisfaction.

 Easter Styling Ideas

  • Whether it is a bunny on a plate, a nest of eggs, a feather slipped inside the napkin and tied with twine they are understated and unique. (See below)
  • Spring floral for Easter is a must.  We are loving the tropical/ botanicals / succulents at the moment, it is fresh and crisp and allows for other colours in your room to pop.  Experiment with decorative eggs in your floral vases.
  • Use your entry table/ sidetable/ shelving to create easter vignettes, this will show more attention to detail than spread across the entire room.
  • Im a trimmings kind of girl so beautiful and even bespoke wrapping is almost more exciting to me than what is inside.  Look at this amazing Easter wrapping paper… its almost too good unwrap!  Even if you don’t go to this extreme, find some plain butchers paper or parcel paper, combine with some twine and a feather for a rustic chic finish.   
  • Go in search of gift tags in plain colours in easter shapes and add our own detail like a bunny tail.

Image Source:  Pinterest and Bowerbird Home

Happy Hunting!