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When it comes to styling advice, there is one room in the house that our customers tend to ask about above the rest. The bedroom. There is something about creating the ‘perfect bedroom’ that really satisfies the soul. I guess for allot of us the bedroom is our ‘happy place’ in the house. A place where we can relax, reflect, bond, re-energise, and if you have young children… be alone (even if it’s just for a glorious minute).

We want our bedrooms to feel welcoming and relaxing, reflect our personality, but still look like it could compete for the cover of a Home mag (which with the stunning selection of furnishings available at Bowerbird Home is actually achievable without having to hire an interior designer).


We spoke to our style expert and Bowerbird buyer – Clinton Cordeiro to see what style advice he could offer on creating the ‘perfect bedroom’.

“Your bedroom should look beautiful and be visually harmonious while being the place in your home that most honestly reflects your private self and allows you to be that private self”, says Clinton.

When designing client’s bedrooms, or the bedroom looks you see in store, Clinton likes to use a few style guidelines that help him create memorable rooms that are definitely Pinterest worthy. Here are Clintons top eight style tips for creating the ‘Perfect Bedroom’.

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  1. Render your bedroom in a relaxing soothing palette so your resting place is not visually jarring. One way this can be easily achieved is with a tone on tone approach and perhaps employing 1 stronger tone/colour for dramatic effect. You can tie the look of your whole room together (any room for that matter) with colour or by introducing a theme and sticking to it.



  1. Use natural fibres in bedding –  fine cottons, wools, linens and silks, that feel good against the skin, fabrics that breath and help regulate body temperature for restful sleep. Layering your bedding adds an immediate sense of cocooning and luxury, with sheets, throws, bed covers and quilts, using varying tones and textures. Good use of texture in decoration (wall treatments, headboard, rugs, cushions, throws, etc.) will also help create warmth and interest and will allow you to easily change things up between seasons. A soft rug underfoot provides comfort and anchors the room.


  1. You should be able to control lighting levels, with ambient lighting options to suit purpose –  getting dressed, vs reading b4 bed, etc., In addition to a ceiling chandelier and bedside lamps, consider a standard lamp in the corner of the room or by the dresser. Also, include effective window drapes/blinds for privacy and daylight control. The colour and style of your drapes can range from being simple and neutral to an elaborate feature of the room.


  1. Approach the practicality of storage needs creatively, think antique trunks at the foot of your bed or on top of a wedding cabinet, or several trunks dramatically stacked in a corner, full of out-of-season clothing. A beautifully decorative piece of traditional storage furniture such as a chest of drawers, sideboard or cabinet (maybe the piece that has stayed with you for a long time) could be moved from a living area into the bedroom and cycled around to mix things up.

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  1. Depending on space, an armchair, chaise or bench will immediately provide that sense of sanctuary, like being in a private member’s club. This is your space, not social space so it will give you somewhere to take a breath.
  1. Be realistic and install decorative hooks on the back of your bedroom door or somewhere unobtrusive. You will always need somewhere to hang a loose garment or bag …. then you just have to house train your cohabitant to use it!


  1. Dress your bedside table or dresser with something fresh, even if only a sprig of foliage, but again be pragmatic and leave plenty of space for your bedtime reading and a glass of water.
  1. A decoratively framed mirror is the perfect way to crown your dresser (and check your look before leaving) or a smaller piece such as a star burst, can fill the narrow space between the top of your headboard and ceiling. The colour and style of the frame will help accent your room.

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  1. Subtle scents by way of candles or essential oils or diffusers can further promote that atmosphere of rest and recharge the bedroom should provide.



Clinton’s Bowerbird Picks


Clinton’s Bowerbird Picks