Every Day is Mother’s Day…Isn’it?

I have to be honest, singling a day out and calling it ‘Mother’s Day’ just seems rather commercial… who decides the date, why does it differ in various countries, isn’t every day Mother’s Day? There is nothing more precious than random acts of kindness… on the days when you least expect is often when its most needed, it’s unscripted and unconditional.

However, as much as these overly commercial days wind me up, I am completely guilty of falling victim to being spoilt and being the spoiler. It is a time to stop and reflect on all the wonderful things our beautiful Mother’s do or did for us. Whether its a bunch of flowers, breakfast in bed, a hand made card, a thoughtful gift, or simply some kind words shared, it’s hard not to get all warm and fuzzy about it all.

So, yes, everyday is Mother’s Day… but isn’t it lovely to have an excuse to put your feet up and be waited on.. something to look forward to even it is only once a year. Just don’t forget the 364 days in between.

What does Mum really want?

A sleep in and somthing along the lines of: