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We live in a city that is infamous for lack of space. Whether you live in a mansion or in a compact studio, storage (or lack thereof) always seems to be an issue. Be savvy and creative with your storage solutions by decluttering and organising in style. Having a neat, functional, and organised space does not mean that your home has to look like your office filing room! Our showroom is filled with a range of chic luxurious décor that provides functional space.

We present you with our top five stylish storage heroes that organise your space and make it look beautiful.

Practicality never looked so good!


1.Roxy Bar Cabinet, Silver Hammered Metal

HKD 14,990 

HKD 11,992



The exquisite detailing of this hand-hammered SilverMetal bar cabinet makes it a luxe addition to any space. The geometric drawers are a nod to 70’s glamour, whilst the nickel-plated finish gives it an elegant antique finish, making it eternally on trend. Style, it in your dining or living room as “secret bar” (very on trend at the moment), or as a place to store odd and ends. Having doors allows this cabinet to be versatile and conceal just about anything!


2.Wedding Cabinets

HKD 12,990 

HKD 10,392LS20160915_Bowerbird_Home_0284 1

Our Wedding Cabinets are a majestic piece of furniture that are both stylish and functional.

Traditionally a wedding cabinet was often the centrepiece of a bride’s dowry. Today, a wedding cabinet works best as a decorator’s piece or as an entertainment centre. The drawer and shelf combination that is usually across the middle of the interior, is often lowered to the bottom to hold a TV, making it wonderfully versatile and appealing. Use yours as a wardrobe, shoe cabinet, or linen cupboard.


3.Inlay Drawers, Consoles, and Desks

HKD 19,990 

HKD 14,993


The ageless and elaborate Art of Inlaycan be tracedback to the16th century, and these artisan skills have been passed down through many generations. OurInlay pieces are a fine example of multi functional storage that looks phenomenal, and would be a wonderful addition to your home. Use it as a bedroom vanity or a console in your dining room, or living room. With deep sized draws, these pieces are not only show stopper statement pieces, they are perfect for just about any of your storage needs.

4.Sea Grass and Woven Bamboo Baskets

Starting from HKD 490

Bowerbird 36Low (1)

Taking the King title of multifunctional storage, our vast selection of woven sea grass and bamboo baskets come in an array of different shapes and sizes that will suit any of your storage needs. These are the perfect solution to lose toiletries, extra bath or beach towels, or a stylish alternative to laundry baskets and a place to put your children’s toys.

5.Chinese Antique Trunks

Starting from HKD 3,000

Trunk 5 Low

Campaign style furniture is never out of vogue, with these antique pieces bringing an element of true history to your home as well as practical storage. This curated collection of antique Chinese baskets and chests were derived from very practical needs, holding, transporting and storing tea, opium, jade goods, valuables and textiles, artist and scholar’s supplies, and gift giving (It is said that in Dynastic tradition, men and women should not touch each other’s’ hands, so when a man wanted to court a woman by lavishing her with gifts, she should receive the object in a basket).