How To Light Your Home

Lighting plays a critical role in the making of any great room, and for such small items these lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling pendants can have a huge impact and completely change the way you use a room- the mood, the ambience, the functionality, and of course they affect the aesthetic of the room as well. Looking at the selection of lighting we offer in Bowerbird Home, I think you’ll agree they are beautiful decorative objects, even before you plug them in or screw in the bulb. But when you do light them up you create intimacy in a large space, you define an area, you create ambience.


Lamps can highlight different decorative objects or vignettes in your space so it’s a great way you can change the visual focus during the course of an evening with the just the flick of a switch. Consider what type of lamp or shade you buy in terms of where most of the light will be cast and where you’ll create shadow. You can be very strategic about this or embrace the accidental shadows and dramatic chiaroscuro.
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This little brass and marble lamp will cast light in the immediate area below without affecting the rest of the room too much, so it will highlight any decorative objects you might place adjacent to it and at the same time it will be highlight the artwork you have on the wall behind it.

Whether it be table lamps, ceiling pendants, or floor lights, it’s important to look for beautiful and interesting shapes. Textures and accents that have versatility. Obviously, there’s not a one lamp that fits all, but it’s important to select lighting that you know will have the potential to work in different rooms and will be versatile enough to suit a number of different interior styles. Basically, lamps that you’ll love and want to keep when you move home or re decorate.

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In choosing your lamp, it’s important to remember it as a decorative object as much as anything else in your home. If you have a dark wood surface, consider a mercury glass lamp base or something with a metallic accent.
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If your room is full of neutrals then perhaps consider a coloured lamp base such as the green marble or blue / blue and white ceramic. 

If you’re looking for a lamp to put on a beaten metal surface, consider something with a matt surface.

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If you’re working with a patterned surface such as the bone inlay you might consider a lamp in a simple solid colour.

Ultimately, as we always say, there are no hard and fast rules but these are just some things to consider. And I would always say take a piece of furniture accessory home that you love and you will make it work.
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Here are some top tips from our in-house stylist, for you to consider when lighting your home.

  1. If purchasing a lamp, consider where the lamp shade will direct the light, and your purpose for the lamp – if it is a task lamp or ambient lighting or spot light.
  2. As a guide, the Chandelier height above a dining table is approximately 80cm
  3. Generally speaking, when the width of a lamp shade is approximately equal to the height of the lamp base, the proportion is satisfying.
  4. Play with symmetry by balancing a standard lamp on one side with a table lamp on a side table on the other side.

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