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On 24 June 2018 Bowerbird Home collaborated with one of our favourite local charitable organisations – Hong Kong Dog Rescue – to help raise the profile of their wonderful work and promote the doggie adoption programme and raise some funds for them.

The concept was to organise a fun, different instore photo shoot, with the puppies and dogs featured on a few of our luxury designer furniture pieces. Luckily, we found a dog loving, experienced photographer by the name of Tatiana Yankovskaya who was instantly on board with the idea and offered to do the photoshoot for free.

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We wanted to highlight these dogs in a different light and remove the stigma associated with ‘abandoned or mongrel’ dogs. By putting these dogs into a luxurious setting, we thought we could show the world that it’s not only just the pure breeds that deserve to live a life of luxury and that our luxurious furniture can handle all dogs too! If nothing else, we felt this shoot would also give credit and bring further focus to the amazing work of HKDR. With 10% of all Sofa and Bedding sales for the month of August being donated to HKDR, we also hope to also raise some much needed funds for the organisation. HKDR rely solely on private donations to house, feed and supply all medical needs to the pups in their care. Dog adoption is a rising trend in Hong Kong and we hope that these stunning images show people that it’s the home environment that really makes the dog! Also, apart from all of us loving dogs, we felt it was a natural partnership – just as a dog is for life (15+ years) so is a piece of Bowerbird Home furniture.

Although slightly unsure at first, the dogs soon settled in and quickly became accustomed to the life of luxury, making themselves very much at home amongst our comfy beds and sofas. Burrowing into the luxurious silks, velvets and faux furs (NB Bowerbird does not sell real fur products). We were worried the dogs would be too nervous in front of the camera for us to capture their true nature, but on the contrary, the problem was to get them off the beds and sofas after they decided to have a take a little nap.

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The dogs, Carlo, Bertie, Ace, Vanilla and Lottie (clearly born models), grew to love the attention from the camera and certainly ended up putting on a show for all those watching. Of course we had factored in that one of the dogs may get a little too excited and have an ‘accident’, and yes, that did happen…. but this little ‘accident’ created what has to become the story of the day. In a shot of two of the puppies, Bertie and Carlo, were playing on the couch together.

One of the pups got a little carried away and slightly lost control of his bladder on our Cambridge sofa. Being prepared, we whipped off the removable and washable linen cover of the sofa to replace it with the spare cover we had on hand in case of such an incident. A customer who was at the counter purchasing one of our blue and white porcelain’s saw everything unfold and was so impressed with how easy it was to remove the sofa cover (and seeing the quality of the inner cotton casement), that she realised that this sofa was the perfect solution to her kids mess … and bought it on the spot. Thank you Bertie and Carlo!

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All images shot and donated by Tatiana Yankovskaya

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