Picking the right rug

Nothing quite makes as bold of a statement in a space like a rug. This is why picking the right rug, and making sure it’s well-appointed, should be a crucial element in your design plan.

A rug (aside from the walls) is the largest single design element in a room. Curated and placed correctly it can really make a room. In the same sense, it also has the ability to overwhelm your space and make it look smaller. Following these simple style tips should ensure your Feng Shui is on point and your room is perfectly ‘rugged’.


1.Pick the right size

A mistake that people often make is picking a rug that is too small for their space. Yes, we know they are cheaper and it’s oh so tempting… but what you save in cost, you will lose in atmosphere. A simple rule to remember is: all your furniture should fit on the rug. Small rugs can make your room feel smaller.

Bowerbird 10Low

Our new Henley Rug is a fabulous addition to our stable with its variegated plaited ivory grey charcoal combo in a round format (which can be fantastic for tricky rhombus shaped rooms or just to help soften the hard repetition of straight lines and grids).

 2.Add texture

Texture is one of the seven elements of interior design. Often people don’t understand it’s importance but different textures can really add a ‘feel’ and ‘personality’ to a space. Picking the right texture for your rug will be an important element of the overall look you create. A tip to remember with textures as per freshhome.com: “rough textures are more likely to make a space feel intimate and grounded while smooth textures bring a sleeker more aloof tone to the room.”

We’ve selected blends of wool, rayon (wood cellulose regenerated fibre) and bamboo silk (fiber made from bamboo exhibiting all the qualities of silk but at a more accessible price point) and cotton for their versatility, durability and beauty.

Bowerbird 8Low

3. Go neutral

Trends come and go, but you don’t want to be changing your rug every time you want to refresh your space. A relatively neutral palette will allow you to adjust your room every year or 2 without having to replace large and costly items (such as your rug). Our neutral palette = versatility and we’ve amped up the volume on textures, with our Balmoral resembling granny’s hand knitted sweater or the Windsor with its slightly heavier double knotted texture, not to mention Nalanda’s luxurious cut pile bamboo silk.

Untitled design-4

4.Go for quality over anything else

With so many stunning options on the market, it’s easy to lust the wrong rug. Don’t be fooled by a handsome rug. It might look great… but is it what you actually need? Is it practical and will it be functional for your space?

With a rug playing such a major role in defining the aesthetic of your space it’s important to make a checklist and set some boundaries.

  1. Is this a good quality rug?
  2. Is it durable?
  3. Will it show up stains?
  4. If it’s in a room where it will be used often – is it comfortable, does it feel great under foot?
  5. Will this rug date?
  6. Is this rug versatile and adaptable?

These are the questions our in store merchandisers asked themselves when selecting our high-quality rugs. We’re proud of the fact – that as well as aesthetically pleasing, our rugs are 100% family friendly and will last the distance.