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Collectables, antiques, one offs, and rare finds. Our flagship store in Horizon Plaza, Ap Lei Chau is full of them. We travel around the world to source the magnificent pieces you see in our show room. We like to bring home a part of all the places we go and we pride ourselves on the fact that each of these pieces you see in store has an amazing story behind it.Whether it be a traditionally hand woven Frazadas from Peru, a one of a kind hand painted ceramic from China, Indian hand cut mother of pearl and bone inlays that take three months to complete or an original vintage poster from Paris, our rare finds and unique pieces are the life and soul of Bowerbird.
It is a hard pick, but here are the stories of five Bowerbird favourites.

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  1. Antique Chinese Trunks

Campaign style furniture is never out of vogue. These antique pieces bring an element of true history and dying out craftmanship to your home, as well as practical storage. Our curated collection of antique Chinese baskets and chests were derived from very practical needs, holding, transporting and storing tea, opium, jade goods, valuables and textiles, artist and scholars supplies and gift giving.  It is said that in Dynastic tradition, men and women should not touch each other’s hands, so when a man wanted to court a woman by lavishing her with gifts, she should receive the object in a basket. We simply love the history behind these stunning and unique antiques and find them increasingly difficult to source. One can only imagine the story they would tell if they could talk.

With so many different types it’s hard to decide which one we love best.

– Camphor wood is known for its beautiful burl grain. This may sound strange, but if you are in store take a chance to open and smell inside the chests. The lingering scent of the camphor wood is said to stop silver from tarnishing and wards off moths and is often used for trunks and chests where valuables are stored.

– Beautifully patinated leather bound trunks, made of a light weight wood to facilitate an ease of portability while protecting its precious cargo with the leather binding applied as an extra layer of ornamentation (where its wooden counterparts could have been stored in the hull of a ship).

– Split bamboo baskets, woven in intricate patterns that are so timeless. These are truly the jewels of this capsule collection, with stunning shapes, exquisite fine woven beauty. Most likely used for gift giving and storage. Some of the baskets display incredible craftsmanship, with a double layering of bamboo weaves, adding to their beauty and strength.  It’s important to remember how perishable this material would have been in village life, relatively exposed to the elements, yet these works of art have survived the ravages of time to grace our lives with their beauty.

Have them in your home purely for their decorative appeal, or glass top the chests for use as a coffee table, stack the baskets on top of your wedding cabinets or as a beautiful storage solution.


2. Andreas Blankets

These stunning pieces are called frazadas – traditional blankets woven by Aymara women from Bolivia and Peru, on simple domestic hand looms, as it has been done for many generations, through many centuries. They are made of alpaca and sheep wool that is hand-collected, providing warmth and the super soft handle, and are dyed using natural pigments found in the rugged Andes Mountains, so no 2 blankets are ever the same. Ude them as a decorative throw on your sofa of bed or even as a rug.

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3. Hand Painted Antique Blue and Whites

Bowerbird Home is synonymous for its hand painted Chinese porcelain. From ginger jars to tableware, lighting, accessories and stools. The collection is extensive and authentically selected. Our jars are ethically sourced from China and are made in the same traditional ways that have been ingrained in Chinese culture for hundreds of years. Traditionally, ginger jars were a way to store goods and export things such as sugar, spices, oils, and ginger into other countries. Beautifully decorated with oriental symbols, and carefully hand painted by local Chinese artisans, means that no two jars will ever be exactly the same. These ceramics not only have a beautiful story to tell but are a there integrate detailing will also make your home look visually spectacular. These jars look great just about anywhere in your home!


4. Le Gyroscope Humain Poster

Le Gyroscope Humain is original giant French vintage poster from legendary artist Candido Aragonez Faria (1849-1911), who began his career in Rio de Janeiro before migrating to Paris in 1882, where this poster was designed and produced in his atelier.  His body of highly sought after works included periodical caricatures, book illustrations and posters for the theatre. The poster features the giant human gyroscope, ridden by its creator Monsieur Menn-Ret, considered to be one of the most thrilling circus acts being staged in its time.

It was personally sourced in Paris by Bowerbird Home.


5. Bits and Bobs

We love our store for all the little quirky things that come from around the world. A beautiful and fun reminder of all the memories shared on buying trips. Old vintage books from Paris, beautiful perfume jars and trinkets, antique butter knives, everything has a story and a memory attached to it. Our team is an intimate one and we love the fact that everything you see in the showroom is their because one of our members, our friends, truly loves it… and we hope that you do too. Come in store and ask our staff the story behind the item.