What Makes a Statement Piece

We hear the term ‘statement piece’ in interior design all the time but what exactly makes a good statement piece and how do we determine if an item of furniture is in fact enough to be a statement piece?

I once heard a quote from one of my favourite interior designers Donna Mondi (and yes… it was from a TV show), which I thought brings meaning to the term. It goes something like this “When we’re designing spaces, we have to decide who is going to be our leading lady and then allow her to be the star!”. Essentially,whatever piece of furniture you choose to be your star should have the power to captivate an audience and be the main focal point of the room.

Statement pieces come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. A common misconception is that it should be bright, colorful, oversized and extravagant, this is not necessarily the case.  Items of furniture that you absolutely love, that draw your eye straight away, that are unique and perfectly bold for you… this is what makes a statement piece!

We asked our style guru, Clinton (the brain and eyes behind a lot of the gorgeous furniture you see in store) which were his top five store stars…

1.Wedding Cabinet with Brass Plate Black



Rendered in black, this otherwise traditional HK staple instantly becomes a modern and memorable statement piece that will anchor all  your room’s neutrals .


2.Envy Green Marble Table Lamp

HKD 4,490



The solid commitment to luxe textures of the natural green marble base, black textured silk shade with gold card lining, all rendered in clean lines make this a sophisticated, classic statement piece.


3.Haussman Style Wall Décor



The magic of trompe l’oeil will turn your blank wall into a possible doorway into Narnia ( or perhaps the guest wing of your humble abode )  . Art, an understated palette that won’t compete with the rest of your room and the addition of a little bit of mystery makes this a stylish, whimsical statement piece.

4. Beaufort Chair, Oak Wood Frame with Navy Linen



The more I see this chair the more I love it. Not only is it deliciously comfortable, the clean oak detail against linen upholstery and its generous scale come together  handsomely creating a solid statement piece you will have in your home for years to come.


5. Monaco Chest of Drawers, Black Bone Inlay


Monaco Chest Of 5 Drawers Bone Inlay Black

Anyone who has witnessed the traditional handcrafting of each individual piece of bone or mother of pearl hand cut, then arranged and fitted to form the beautiful botanical design will truly appreciate the wonder of this Chest of drawers. Rich detail , dramatic colour and an elegant silhouette make this a true statement piece